A comprehensive tax strategy that maximizes profits while minimizing tax liabilities

Accounting and Tax for Real Estate Agents

At Norberg, Davis, Bourne & Painter LLP, we have years of experience from working with real estate agencies and construction firms in multiple verticals. This has allowed us to narrow our focus and provide the personalized services that real estate and construction firms need to improve their operations. Our Silver Spring CPA firm will make sure that you are calculating your taxes properly and taking all potential tax breaks that are available to you.

As experienced tax accountants, we know that the tax laws for your industry are continuously changing. This is why we make a point of staying updated on each and every change and revision. We use this information to develop a comprehensive tax planning strategy for your business with the goal of improving your bottom line. Our tax services also include fast and efficient preparation of all tax returns, including multi-state taxes.

If you want to improve your tax compliance, you need assistance now. Schedule your free consultation today at (301) 680-8900. We're here to serve real estate and construction businesses in Silver Spring and the surrounding area.

The following are just some of the tax planning and preparation services that we offer:

  • Entity formation 

  • Industry-specific tax planning and tax strategy development

  • Tax preparation for real estate and construction firms

  • Multi-state tax returns

  • Sales and use tax compliance

  • E-file

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